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Rugby Virginia is the primary development vehicle for youth and high school rugby
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Youth Summer Rugby - FAQs

Who can play Youth Rugby?

Everybody! Young boys and girls are introduced to rugby via "tag rugby" (two-hand touch), a non-contact version of the game.   Tackle rugby is also offered.   Watch this 5 minutes video on youth rugby.

Touch Rugby! What's the point?

Rugby is a flowing game of continuous movement, similar in this respect to basketball or soccer.   The point is to keep the ball alive, moving it forward by running and passing.   This is a much more important aspect of the game than big hits, at all levels of the game.   Touch rugby preserves this flow in a way that allows girls and boys, and kids of wider age ranges, to play together.   Many adult teams play touch rugby as part of training.

Where can I find a club?

See list of clubs/teams active in Rugby Virginia.  See Club/Team Listing

What age groups play touch rugby?

U-9 (8/7 y.o.), u-11, u-13, and u-15.  Touch rugby is coed. 

Age groups for tackle? 

Most clubs within Rugby Virginia start offering tackle rugby to u-13 (11/12 year olds).   Additionally, u-15 and u-17 age groups play tackle.  Tackle rugby is not coed!  

When is the youth summer season? 

Most clubs start practice in mid-June.   The season is completed by the first weekend of August and culminates with the Rugby Virginia youth tournament in partnership with the Commonwealth Games of Virginia.

When are practices for summer rugby? 

Contact your club for detailed information but, in general, practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 to 8 PM. 

What equipment do I need? 

Rugby is played with cleats (soccer or rugby), rugby shorts, socks, jersey, and a mouthpiece.   Additional equipment can be purchased (shin guards, head gear, gloves) but are not required.

How do I register my child?

Consult with your club! 
Generally two steps are needed: (i) registration with a club (see Club/Team Listing) and (ii) registration with USA Rugby to register both for the League and USA Rugby's individual general liability policy (CIPP)

See USA Rugby liability and accident insurance policies